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Peoria City / County Health Department
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For decades, employees with the City of Peoria and Peoria County have cooperated on services and programs and shared professional experiences and advice with each other, to the benefit of both units of government and the citizens we serve. The Metro Peoria Committee enumerates and elaborates on those efforts. Below, City and County employees share their thoughts and experiences working with their counterparts over the years.

“We have a lot of success working with Peoria County.  We share a similar set of goals: effectiveness and efficiency.  Collaborating on everything from public safety dispatch to joint fuel operations has brought us closer to those goals.”

Christopher Setti, Assistant City Manager
City of Peoria

“The City of Peoria Public Works Department and the County Planning and Zoning Department are currently investigating the possibility of creating a community rating system cooperative program that lowers insurance rates for property owners through an evaluation process.”
Matt Wahl, Director of Planning & Zoning

County of Peoria

“One of the greatest benefits to the residents of Peoria County is the relationship between the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office and the Peoria Police Department. We collaborate on investigations and back each other up on calls when we need to, and for the first time in decades, we have a sheriff and a police chief that work together professionally rather than fighting over turf.”

Sheriff Michael D. McCoy
Peoria County Sheriff’s Office

"The County Highway Department and the City of Peoria's Public Works Department often collaborate on infrastructure projects, including the widening of Northmoor Road and improvements to Allen and Wilhelm Roads in north Peoria. We work together to resolve engineering and funding issues for these and other projects on County roadways located within City limits."
Amy Benecke-McLaren
Peoria County Engineer

“Since 2009, the City and County have collaborated to co-host the City-County Citizens’ Leadership Academy. Our collaboration has broadened the scope of the academy by providing residents opportunities to meet local public servants and to learn about services provided by both governments.”
Steve Fairbanks, Community Development Specialist
Peoria Police Department