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Metro Peoria Partnerships

Both the City of Peoria and the County of Peoria have ongoing effective and productive relationships with other units of government. These relationships extend beyond that with each other, to include partnerships with townships, municipalities, and counties within the region, as well as with state and federal representatives.

Therefore, it was not surprising to discover that a number of intergovernmental and more informal agreements already existed between the City and County prior to the establishment of Metro Peoria, including mutual aid agreements, oversight of the City/County Landfill, Geographic Information System services, and joint purchasing.

Metro Peoria, however, has been able to quantify all such agreements in a City-County Cooperation Matrix. Metro Peoria has also been able to transform many of the informal agreements into formal agreements with approval from policy-makers for both units of government. One such example is an intergovernmental agreement for traffic signal maintenance and pavement striping services on County roads.

In addition, Metro Peoria has effectively brought forward and achieved approval by both the City Council and the County Board the following resolutions:

Prior to the adoption of a uniform restaurant license by the City of Peoria, Peoria County, and the Peoria County Board of Health, the City of Peoria had difficulty collecting restaurant tax from a few delinquent establishments. The previous regulations did not include strong enough penalties to influence these restaurant owners to pay taxes due to the City, even though the taxes had already been collected from customers. The new intergovernmental agreement, on the other hand, includes a process to address this issue: the Health Department now has the authority to deny renewal of an establishment's annual public health Food Safety License if that establishment is not in compliance with its restaurant tax payment. This agreement has resulted in $45,000 in delinguent taxes paid to the City of Peoria for the 2012 tax period.

In its short history, Metro Peoria has made significant strides to enhance intergovernmental cooperation between the City and the County for the betterment of our community, but there is more on the horizon.